BANKS inspires jewelry, modernity and contemporary. It is the classic format of the midi bag enhanced by unique brass ornaments which give it an inimitable look. Its bi-material side and three compartments make it both functional and sexy.


    This flap bag becomes instantly recognizable with its XXL clasp and gold chain. An industrial spirit associated with an iconic midi bag shape makes this bag definitely unique in the “It-bag” category.


    Cuirs de vachette français - Designé à Paris - Métallerie italienne

    Hauteur : 16cm / 6,3in

    Longueur : 24cm / 9,5in

    Largeur (sac vide) : 8cm / 3,2in

    Longueur de la anse courte : 64,5cm / 25,3in

    Longueur de la anse longue : 116cm / 45,6in