History of


In 1871, the Bertin brothers founded the Maison Bertin Frères. The Parisian House, which had previously specialized in trunks, stood out for its checkerboard fabric mounted on the bias.


The Bertin Frères House flourished and a shop was opened at 29 Avenue de l'Opéra in 1874. The shop, which specialized in travel goods and leather goods, offered items made in workshops in Belleville run by the Bertin brothers.


In 1900, Paul Bertin created the cubic canvas, a three-colour pattern on a black background forming a geometric design in relief. The House covered some of its articles with a checkerboard fabric mounted on the bias, which was an alternative to the monogrammed fabrics offered by other large competing Houses. The Bertin brothers also patented several related inventions, including a new method of making trunks and other travel goods and a process for making hides and all tannery products perfectly waterproof.


Today, this famous Parisian House is reborn in the world of high-end leather goods with a new line and under a new name: PAUL BERTIN PARIS.

With a background in ready-to-wear and luxury goods industry as an artistic director, Alizée was able to acquire various skills such as the creation and development of a brand image, the management of event projects (pop-up, scenography, etc.) or the mastery of digital on several channels. In the summer of 2020, she met the founder of the Maison PAUL BERTIN PARIS, who wanted to relaunch the name. Alizée, in charge of the brand's image, created the new image of PAUL BERTIN PARIS and is in charge of its development as well as the supervision of the collections. 


Daisy, who has a Master's degree in Fashion Communication from Mod'Art, also completed 5 years of model making. She began her integration into the fashion world as a pattern maker, and then discovered the world of retail in major fashion houses. She will then assist the communication and marketing department at the PINK HEATER agency. In January 2021, Daisy joined PAUL BERTIN PARIS as a project manager. Creative since the beginning, she is also in charge of the marketing and communication part, and manages the relations with the buyers. 


The duo behind


Alizée Lalanne and Daisy Maxwell met in 2017, during their previous jobs, in a fashion agency.

Our values 
and commitments

One of the brand's strengths lies in the choice of its suppliers, specialists in their field: metalwork designed in Paris and manufactured in Italy, leather sourced in France. We work with different countries to ensure excellence for our products thanks to the specific know-how of each country. Our BANKS model is unique and has a serial number placed inside the bag to keep traceability and ensure its authenticity.


The human aspect is also one of the brand's assets. Indeed, PAUL BERTIN PARIS is made up of professionals based in Paris, forming a human-sized team. The brand also collaborates with the French association Margot Pour La Vie, which aims to help a sick child without diagnosis.

For each order placed on our website, 10€ is donated to the Margot Pour La Vie association.